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Student & new grad job search resources

These sites advertise themselves as focused on students and new graduates.

  • > Virginia Tech section
    Asks you to "join networks" based on academics and student organizations, and then view jobs for those networks.
  • the most comprehensive database of employers by major.
    Employers by Major - select from over 150 majors - gives results by state.
    Employers by State - select from over 150 majors - gives results by major.
    Detailed profile of each organization, including website, number of employees, contact information, and more.
    For students, recent graduates seeking jobs and internships.
    Division of CareerBuilder. Internships, part-time jobs and entry-level careers.
    Jobs and internships for college students and recent graduates.
    View internships or entry-level jobs. Narrow that geographically.
  • Diversity
    Winter 2011 established; formerly the Black Collegian, established 1970. "Jobs with employers committed to diversity."
  • > College jobs
    You can search for student jobs, intern jobs, entry-level and part-time jobs + geographic search. Lots of internships listed.