Career and Professional Development offers events, workshops, and seminars for Virginia Tech students. Some events are for all students, and some are targeted by academic level, major, or career interest.

We kick off each year with our annual Tailgate Party on the first Friday of fall semester to welcome all Virginia Tech students to campus for the year and to get you familiar with our staff and our office. 

Each fall semester, we host an etiquette dinner to teach skills to Virginia Tech students who want to be ready to make the best impression as you search for experience and post-grad jobs or admission to graduate or professional school. 

This year our Career Outfitters event for free professional attire for students will be held in spring semester on Wed. & Thurs. Feb. 1 & 2, 2017. Shopping times are TBA. We are currently accepting donations: more about this on Career Outfitters on Facebook.

Career & Professional Development sponsors/co-sponsors three job fairs:

Fall Connection job fair: October
Spring Connection job fair: February
- ACC & SEC Virtual job fair: April

All other job and career fairs affiliated with Virginia Tech are sponsored by colleges, academic departments, student organizations, or alumni association chapters.