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Career Champions program for VT faculty and staff

Career Champions:

  • Training program for Virginia Tech faculty and staff, recognizing the importance of the many career-related conversations you have with students.
  • Created by Career and Professional Development.
  • Purpose is to share tools and referral resources so you can feel more confident engaging on career subjects with students.
  • Core training is offered as a series of sessions. Electives are open to those who have completed the core training.
  • New for fall 2022 is our partnership with TLOS and inclusion in the Professional Development Network (PDN), including a new format for our trainings. The core training is now presented through interactive asynchronous learning modules and augmented with live sessions for content application and conversation. For those participating in the TLOS/PDN Computer Refresh program, successful completion of the Career Champions Core Training provides 12 hours of credit.
  • See more information, dates, and registration.
  • Registration deadline: Tues. Sep. 6, 2022.
  • Any current Virginia Tech employee, full-time, or part-time, on any VT campus, may submit registration for the program.

Optional elective topics will be offered as stand-alone sessions, and are open to those who have completed the core training. When these sessions are offered, we will email information to those who are eligible to attend.

  • Career coaching:
    • Foundations of career coaching
    • Career coaching: Overcoming resistance
      (covered in core training prior to fall 2021)
  • Foundations of Appreciative Advising 
    (covered in core training prior to fall 2021)
  • CliftonStrengths:
    • Foundations of CliftonStrengths
      (covered in core training prior to fall 2021)
    • Using CliftonStrengths to coach students to job search success
  • Job search ethics and student dilemmas
  • Worlds apart: Career advising for international students
  • Employer panels
  • Federal job search
  • Utilizing mentorship to further career development
  • Marketing yourself, part 2
    (builds on topics from core training)

Fall 2021 cohort:

  • Diane Agud, Mathematics
  • Jennifer Bradley, Computer Science
  • Leanne Brownlee, Pamplin Undergraduate Programs - Academic Advising
  • Herbert Bruce, Food Science and Technology
  • Grace Burden, Biological Sciences
  • Janice Chatham, University Studies & Scholarship Support
  • Juan Cordero, Office of Veteran Services
  • Julia Costello, Computer Science
  • Christy Cumbia, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jessica Elmore, Engineering Education
  • Page Fetter, University Studies & Scholarship Support
  • Hillary Gaskins, Pamplin Undergraduate Programs - Academic Advising
  • Kayla Goodwin, School of Communication
  • Kim Grandstaff, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Beverly Griffin, Evening MBA Program
  • Ruth Hale, Computer Science
  • Nicole Hazuda, Engineering Education
  • Paige Johnson, Computer Science
  • Joe Merola, Chemistry
  • Peter Osebre, Biology
  • Erika Perdue, Economics
  • Martha Sullivan, Industrial Design
  • Haley Tucker, School of Neuroscience
  • Emily Vedder, School of Neuroscience
  • Emily Whitehouse, Living-Learning Programs
  • Ashley Wills, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Spring 2021 cohort:

  • Shania Clinedinst, Graduate School
  • Rommelyn Coffren, Global Education Office
  • Jen Hanratty, Political Science
  • Bryan Hanson, Graduate School
  • Maggie Johnson, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Susan Merten, Northern Virginia Center, Graduate School
  • Tonisha Montgomery, Computer Science
  • Amy Rasor, Biochemistry
  • Heather Simpson, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Kevin Sutton, Hokie Wellness
  • Alise Svihla, Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
  • Zack Underwood, University Academic Advising Center
  • William Weisenhorn, Higher Education Student Affairs
  • Katie White, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Allison Winterbotham, FBRI Montague Lab
  • Kenneth Wong, Northern Virginia Center, Graduate School

Fall 2020 cohort:

  • Priscilla Baker, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Lisa Boothe, Career and Professional Development
  • Leigh Anne Byrd, Computer Science
  • Michelle Czamanske, Materials Science Engineering
  • Taylor Cupp, College of Engineering
  • Sarah Deisher, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nicole Easton, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Jessica Hurdus, Mathematics
  • Felicia Jefferson, Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
  • Marlena Lester, Engineering - Academics Affairs
  • Liana Lewis, Higher Education Student Affairs
  • Jenean Meadows, Career and Professional Development
  • Christina Minford, Psychology
  • Charlotte Parks, Academy of Integrated Science
  • Julie Pence, School of Neuroscience
  • Sadie Powell, Mathematics
  • Laura Purcell, School of Communication
  • Taylor Swan, Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program
  • Ryan Underwood, Computer Science
  • Rex Waters, Undergraduate Studies
  • Crystal Wiltsee, Career & Professional Development

Spring 2020 cohort:

  • Annette Ben-Tzvi, Mechanical Engineering
  • Matthew Cheatham, Engineering Education
  • Michelle Crotto, Mining and Minerals Engineering
  • Donna Faltin, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Laura Ferguson, English
  • Courtney Glass, Psychology
  • Maia Greene-Havas, Engineering Education
  • Cathy Hill, Mechanical Engineering
  • Taylor Snider Kindley, Pamplin Undergraduate Programs - Academic Advising
  • Tiera Lanford, Engineering - Academics Affairs
  • Ann Lee, Myers-Lawson School of Construction
  • Daniel Newcomb, Engineering Education
  • April Newcomer, Geosciences
  • Alice Noble, Engineering Education
  • Hannah Shinault, School of Communication
  • Stephanie Smith, School of Communication
  • Keri Swaby, Undergraduate Research
  • Lauren Thomas, University Academic Advising Center


Fall 2019 cohort:

  • Cindy Beatty, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic Programs
  • Sarah Bechtel, School of Neuroscience
  • Rosanna Breaux, Psychology
  • Mary Brewer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Claudia P. Brodkin, Chemistry
  • Susan Broniak, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Julie Burger, College of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Vern Ferguson, School of Architecture and Design
  • Nicole Gholston, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Meghan Jester, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Kimberly Johnston, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kara Lattimer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Rachel Morgante-Richmeier, Population Health Sciences
  • Negin Nazem, Chemistry
  • Stephanie Nelson, Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise
  • James Newcomer, Engineering Education
  • Debbie Pollio, Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise
  • Nasim Schwab, Academic Advising Initiatives
  • Donna Sedgwick, Sociology
  • Emily Wilkinson Stallings, School of Communication
  • Jen Stewart, Biochemistry
  • Paula Van Curen, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Linda Vick, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kelsey Wall, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering
  • Heather Whedbee, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kevin Wogenrich, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

We have offered this program each semester since fall 2019. We have adjusted the program content since our pilot offering, based on feedback from our participants.

Why we offer the program:
The Career Everywhere concept recognizes that career conversations can happen anywhere. Whether with peers, faculty members, staff, alumni, employer partners, supervisors or beyond, students seek advice about their career aspirations and plans from a variety of individuals. In Career and Professional Development, having those conversations is our passion and how we serve the Virginia Tech community. Career Champions is the program we have created to share tools and referral resources with our fellow Hokies so that everyone can feel more confident engaging in career focused conversations when presented with the opportunity.


Recognizing that career conversations happen everywhere, the mission of the Career Champions Program is to build relationships between Career and Professional Development and the Virginia Tech community, creating and equipping Career Champions to support and build a career everywhere culture for the benefit of Virginia Tech students.


Provide training for those who are engaged in career conversations with students and want to enhance their knowledge of career resources, including facilitating a common vocabulary around career.

Create a network of ambassadors (Career Champions) who are having informed career conversations with students and serving as referral agents to Career and Professional Development.

Strengthen collaboration between Career Champions and Career and Professional Development through continuous learning in an interactive professional development program.

Actively partner with the university community so that together we support the university motto, Ut Prosim, that I may serve.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of resources available through Career and Professional Development, increasing confidence during career conversations.
  • Learn about Career and Professional Development’s resources related to major and career exploration, gaining experience, developing professional skills, and preparing for next steps after graduation.
  • Gain new ideas and tools to assist students with diverse career needs.
  • Access and understand a variety of tools and resources to help students reflect on their professional development and career related experiences.
  • Receive the most up-to-date information about current career trends that can be incorporated into daily interactions with students.

Contact for questions:
Amy McPherson, Senior Associate Director
Career and Professional Development