Answers to questions on which we get frequent calls:

Q. Does Career and Professional Development rent or loan business attire to students?

A. No. Our office does not rent or loan business attire. We do sponsor Career Outfitters (annually since 2013), an event at which student shop, free of charge, for professional attire that is new or gently used. The students keep the garments they receive from Career Outfitters. We solicit donations beginning months in advance for this two-day event.

Apparently, some source has told many students that we rent or loan attire. If someone tells you this, please give them the real scoop.

Q. How do I schedule a practice or mock interview?

A. See practice interviews.

Q. How do I cancel a real interview I have scheduled through Hokies4Hire?

A. See how do I cancel a scheduled interview in FAQs about On-Campus Interviewing.

Q. For a resume review, do I need to bring a hard copy?

A. Yes, we prefer you do so, and we can assist you if you don't have access to a printer. The same is true for any document reviews, including cover letters and essays for graduate or professional school. If you don't have access to a printer, ask at our reception desk for instructions on printing one copy at our office.

Q. I received an email from Is this legitimate?

A. This would result from your use of Hokies4Hire. If you receive an email from and you have questions, please contact our employer relations staff.