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CPD frequently asked questions

  • We do not rent or loan attire.
  • We do give away donated attire through our Career Outfitters service.
  • From 2013 through January 2020, we held a large annual event, Career Outfitters, through which we provided free professional attire to thousands of students. The clothing was new or gently used, and was provided through donations. This could not be held during the pandemic. We have re-thought Career Outfitters, and in spring 2022, Career Outfitters will be a service available by appointment, and not a large event. This new appointment approach means students do not have to wait in long lines, and will have much more flexibiity to obtain clothing throughout the year.
  • Donations are accepted. Please see more about Career Outfitters on Facebook.
  • For in-person advising appointments, you are welcome to bring a hard copy if that is convenient, or have your resume ready to show on your laptop.
  • For appointments by Zoom, have your resume ready on your computer to share your screen. This is particularly important in 15-minute mini-appointments. Your advisor may have an appointment immediately after yours, so time you spend trying to find your resume to share will be lost to you for advising.
  • Yes. Go to contact us and view the contacts for VT faculty and staff.
  • Prior to the pandemic, CPD offered a free professional photo event each semester, called LinkedIn photo lab. This was not possible when we were on virtual services as a safety measure due to the impact of Covid-19.
  • We might again offer LinkedIn photo labs in the future. If we do so, this will be publicized, and will be included in events in Handshake.
  • For now, or if the timing of a future professional photo event doesn't work for you, see:
    How to take a professional photo.
    Note: your attire should be appropriate to the profession you are in, or are pursuing! So for most people, that means don't wear a top with skinny straps. Repeat: don't!