In 2017-2018, over 20 career fairs affiliated with Virginia Tech were being held. Dates for 2018-2019 are posted when known. Several have long histories; some are newer events. Career and Professional Development is sponsoring three campus fairs and co-sponsoring the SEC-ACC virtual fair. Other fairs are sponsored by colleges, departments, or alumni association chapters.

Students seeking teaching and school system jobs should explore the teaching and education fairs. 

Not all employers can travel to campus: Expand your options by participating in virtual fairs that focus on industries, populations, or locations of interest to you.

College- and department-sponsored fairs, alpha by college

Each event title is linked to its website where you will find the contact information and complete information for that fair.

Details are subject to change, so see the event website for complete information and to verify the date. 
Some events include interviews on or after the fair date; find that information on the specific fair website.

College of Architecture and Urban Studies fairs:

Pamplin College of Business fairs:

College of Engineering fairs:

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences fairs:

College of Natural Resources and Environment fair:

Career & Professional Development-sponsored fairs:

Alumni Association Chapter-sponsored fairs:

Details are subject to change, so see the event website for complete information and to verify the date.

Additional VT-affiliated fairs:

  • Multicultural Career Expo for Undergraduates
    Sponsored by, and held as part of, the Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference, Blacksburg, VA.
    Career expo open to all undergraduate students and all majors.
    Fri. Apr. 6, 2018
    TBA for spring 2019

Teaching / education job fairs

Listed alpha by sponsor.
2017-2018 dates are listed. 2018-2019 dates will be posted when announced by each sponsor.
Details are subject to change, so see event websites for complete information and to verify the date.

Virtual job fairs

The virtual job fairs focus on particular career fields or populations.
Many employers have excellent opportunities, but cannot travel to every campus to attend in-person fairs. Virtual fairs open a world of opportunity to students to connect with more employers. Take advantage!

See the CareerEco Virtual fairs list for all details; which includes fairs for:

  • Internship and Co-op
  • Finance
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Bank talent
  • Retail careers
  • Public school system
  • Higher education careers
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Veterans
  • Students with disabilities
  • College athletes
  • International students
  • Retail careers
  • ...and many more

Which fairs should employers attend?

  • Employers are encouraged to visit the websites of all fairs of interest, and to speak with the sponsors of those fairs.
  • Employers are also welcomed and encouraged to contact our employer relations staff for guidance. We know that your time is valuable, and we want to assist you in selecting events that will work best for your recruiting goals.

Which fairs should students attend? There is no short-cut answer!

  • At each fair, a wide variety of employers may attend, and each employer specifies their own hiring needs for majors, academic levels, and types of hires including internships, co-ops, and post-grad jobs. 
  • Some employers seek very specific majors, and some employers seek a wide variety of majors, both in and outside the sponsoring college or department. 
  • The employment world is not organized like universities, by majors and colleges, and many employers seek professional qualities and personal characteristics that are not exclusive to a specific major.
  • Investigate the website for each fair to learn which employers are attending, their hiring needs, and other tips, such as attire, when to arrive, and other features of that particular fair. 
  • The best way to have success at a fair is to do two things: 
    • First, plan in advance which employers to approach based on your research, and have a customized introduction (Example: I’m interested in your organization because of the opportunity to work in a project team….” Never ask, “what does your company do?”). 
    • Second, arrive with willingness to be flexible and adaptable in speaking with employers. Be ready for the unexpected, and be personable, friendly, and a good listener. 
  • Unsure if you are ready to attend a fair? Then be a volunteer. That gives you a reason and purpose to be there, and structure on how to interact (helping employers carry supplies, delivering water, etc.). That will help you see the event from a different viewpoint, and demystify the event, helping you when you are ready to go as a job seeker. To find out about volunteering, look at each fair website, and/or contact the sponsor, and watch for publicity seeking volunteers.
  • More on how to prepare for a career fair.