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For families of students

Special welcome to new Hokies starting at VT soon!

To families of students: Thank you for being a partner with Career and Professional Development to promote the career development of your Virginia Tech students. About us: who, what, where.

Be a Career Champion:

What is a Career Champion?

A career champion is someone in a student’s life who fosters openness, facilitates exploration and development, and supports students’ self-awareness in relation to career planning. As a family member, you are a significant influence on your student’s career development.

How can I be a Career Champion for my student?

Career coaching your student (pdf) is a great place to start. Use this checklist to reflect on how you can best interact in career-related conversations with your student.

Stay up-to-date on trends and advice with our eNews for families.

What resources can I use to best help my student?

Use the Career Planning Guide to help your student navigate resumes, cover letters, job and internship search, interviewing, job fairs, and more.

Depending on where your student is in the career journey, you can share:

Encourage your student, at any time they need assistance in the journey of career planning and preparation, to  schedule a career advising appointment.