Report: First Destination After Undergraduate Degree

Results = Report, What VT grads do after the undergraduate degree

Data collection timeline. Methodology.

Survey opens one month before commencement. Grads have six months after commencement to tell and update their first destination.

Data collection closes mid-November for the previous May+summer grads. Report is published the following February.

Academic year grads are those who complete undergraduate degrees in December, May, Summer I & II.

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Response rates to First Destination Survey: 2018-2019 grads

Purpose of the survey is to learn what 2018-2019 Virginia Tech graduates are doing after the undergraduate degree.

How long did new grads have to self-report their first destination?

  • New grads had over seven months to self-report.
  • The survey opens one month before commencement and closes six months after.
  • Non-respondents are reminded that they can self-report throughout that time.
  • Respondents who indicate "seeking" are reminded they can update response throughout that time.
  • See self-report timeline.

2018-2019 grads response rates:

Total university: 55% | N=3789 out of 6867 grads.
College response rates:
- College of Agriculture & Life Sciences: 45%
- College of Architecture & Urban Studies: 48%
- College of Business: 63%
- College of Engineering: 62%
- College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences: 49%
- College of Natural Resources & Environment: 63%
- College of Science: 50%

Survey instrument change affected response rate

Response rates for 2018-2019 are lower than those for the previous year, for total university and for each college. We attribute this to the methodology change effective for 2018-2019, using the Handshake First Destination Survey. We are employing strategies to boost the response rate for the next cohort. View 2017-2018 response rates.

First Destination after undergraduate degree: 2018-2019 grads

2018-2019 Virginia Tech graduates, first destination after the undergraduate degree, based on voluntary response to First Destination Survey.

Total university first destination:

  • 60% working
  • 17% continuing education
  • 3% military
  • 1% volunteering
  • 16% seeking work
  • 3% seeking continued education
  • 1% not seeking

Grads who report seeking (work or continuing education) are able to update responses any time until the survey closes, but they might not do so.
Note: The change in survey instrument (Handshake) starting with the 2018-2019 cohort means we cannot make exact comparisons to prior years' data. You can view last year's data (2017-2018) first destination outcomes for colleges.

Continuing education after undergraduate degree: 2018-2019 grads

First destination continuing education, total university:

  • 17% of respondents [N=633 grads] reporting continuing education.
  • 3% of respondents [N=127 grads] reported they are seeking admission to continuing education.

You can see how the percentages differ for each college, above, in first destinations by college.

Details on continuing education by 2018-2019 grads are being compiled. You can view last year's (2017-2018) continuing education highlights

Employment after undergraduate degree: 2018-2019 grads

First destination employment, total university:

  • 60% of respondents [N=2261 grads] reported working.
  • 3% of respondents [N=99 grads] reported military service.
  • 1% of respondents [N=33 grads] reported volunteering.
  • 16% of respondents [N=617] reported they are seeking employment.

You can see how the percentages differ for each college, above, in first destinations by college.

Details on employment, military service, and volunteering by 2018-2019 grads are being compiled. You can view last year's (2017-2018) employment highlights.

Career preparation during undergraduate degree: 2018-2019 grads

Details on career preparation by the 2018-2019 grads are being compiled. This includes experience during college, career-related learning and planning, and regrets about career planning. You can view last year's (2017-2018) career preparation highlights.