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Career Planning Guide

The Career Planning Guide was traditionally a hard copy booklet published each year by Career and Professional Development for Virginia Tech students. It covered basics topics including resume preparation, job search correspondence, and more. These topics are covered in more depth in our career resources and topics for students.

In recent years the Career Planning Guide booklet has been available as a PDF. For 2023-2024, the Career Planning Guide has been replaced by webpages called "Career Quick Start." For 2023-2024, you can view both the tradtional and new format:


First destination after undergraduate degree

We survey all graduating seniors to ask their first destination. They can complete the survey and update their responses up to six months after commencement. Report includes:

  • Employed grads: salary medians; list of job titles, employers, and locations.
  • Continuing education grads: list of degrees, programs, and institutions.
  • Experience during college; including types of experience (sample graphic below).
  • Regrets about career planning and preparation.