Whjere VT grads go: first destination after the undergraduate degree.

Our reports are compiled after close of the survey of Virginia Tech graduates who complete bachelor's and associate's degrees. Graduates can complete the survey (and update responses) starting the month prior to, through six months after, commencement. [See survey timeline.] Reports answer these questions and more:

  • Who are graduates' employers?
  • How did graduates find their jobs?
  • Where are grads continuing education? What programs, degrees, institutions?
  • Who gave grads advice?
  • What experience — internships (paid, unpaid), volunteering, field study, etc. — did they have during college?
  • What do grads wish they'd done differently?

The survey has Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board approval: IRB number 14-586.

In the reports, you can view informaton by university, by college, and by major.
View single-year annual reports and multi-year summaries linked below.

How the data are used:

The Post-Graduation Report is used by the Virginia Tech Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness: Student Consumer Information to meet federal requirements for disclosure and reporting of data on "student outcomes," specifically employment and graduate/professional school "placement" following the undergraduate degree.

Note that "placement" is the term used in federal reporting requirements. Career centers typically do not use the term "placement" because this implies an action taken on a student's behalf by someone else who controls decision-making. Employment decisions and graduate school admission decisions are not controlled by career centers.

Important cautions and considerations when reading the data:

First destinations of new graduates are one factor to consider as students research majors for best fit and potential first-steps toward career goals. Many variables other than major contribute to new graduates' first destinations, and those factors cannot all be measured with a survey. Each graduate is an individual person who makes individual choices related to career planning and post-graduation pursuits. Numbers do not tell all the personal stories. The larger economy impacts the employability of graduates (Net job gains / losses by Metropolitan Statistical Area, 1999-present; Geography of Jobs). We have consulted with the Virginia Tech Office of Assessment and Evaluation for expertise and advice on the collection and interpretation of our data; consider all data in the reports as having a +/-5% margin of error. Career and Professional Development does not use post-graduation data to make value-judgments about majors. This data set does not reveal the long-term value of an undergraduate education. In Career and Professional Development we encourage students to seek career advising early in college — starting the first year. Our goal is to empower students with self-understanding and knowledge of the world of work so they can make decisions and take action to move forward on the journey toward their individual career goals.


where grads are employed
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Where grads continue education
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Selected [not all] data for university & colleges.
Thirteen years: 2003-2004 to 2015-2016.
To see all data, see single-acad-year reports; left column.

Selected data points | university data.

Employed & Continuing Education
   University & colleges table

Schools reported by ≥4 grads continuing education.

Employers reported by ≥5 or 6 employed grads.

Job source for employed grads
   University & colleges
   University, line chart,  [full-size view of thumbnail below]
   University, area chart

Salary medians | university and colleges.
   With numbers and percentages of employed grads
   who reported salaries.

Regrets about career planning | university data.
   What grads wished they had done differently
   related to career planning.

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Snapshot we prepared for parents of new students for Summer Orientation.

For questions about the Post-Graduation Report, please contact:
Catherine Copeland | 540-231-6241 | copeland@vt.edu

job source pie chart
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