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First destination after undergraduate degree

Outcomes: What new VT grads do

First destination — employed or continuing education — of Virginia Tech graduates after the undergraduate degree.

The survey, also called self-reporting, is only for new graduates completing undergraduate degrees.
Grads are surveyed from pre-commencement to six months out.
This gives graduates seven months to self-report, and they can update responses during that time.
The survey typically opens to December and winter term graduates near or after Thanksgiving break, prior to December commencement.
The survey typically opens to May and summer terms graduates in mid-April, prior to May commencement.

Survey and Report timeline

Our report is compiled each year after we close the survey for the previous year's graduates who complete a bachelor's (or associate's) degree at Virginia Tech.
Survey and Report timeline.
Methodology explains the what, why, who, when, how, and confidentiality.

The report tells this and more:

  • Percentage of grads who responded to the survey.
  • Percentages of respondents who are working, continuing education, seeking, etc.
  • Employers reported by grads.
  • How graduates found their jobs.
  • Where grads are continuing education; programs, degrees, institutions.
  • What types of experience — internships (paid, unpaid), volunteering, field study, etc. — they had during college.
  • What grads wish they'd done differently related to career planning.

The data collection has Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board approval: IRB number 14-586.


For other questions about the First Destination Report:
You may email Catherine Copeland or call our main number.