Contacts for Career & Professional Development

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Other Virginia Tech departments:

Contacts at Virginia Tech for persons with disabilities:

Mailing address:

  • Career and Professional Development at Virginia Tech
    Smith Career Center (0128)
    870 Washington Street, SW
    Blacksburg, VA 24061
    Caution! Our mailing address is not always accurate for online mapping, and will not direct you to parking. For accurate mapping, directions, and parking, please see location & directions.

More contacts in Career & Professional Development:
(and offices that assist with questions people often ask us)

For recruiting and employer services, including posting jobs and scheduling interviews on campus:
Please see employer services and contacts for employers.
Thank you for your interest in recruiting our Virginia Tech students!

To work with students: We have advisors designated as liaisons as listed below. If you currently have a working relationship with a member of our staff, please feel free to continue working with your current contact. If you do not have a current working relationship, please feel free to contact the liaisons designated below. Each will assist you and consult other of our staff members as needed to help meet your students' needs.

CPD contacts FOR faculty and staff by colleges:
Students who seek CPD advising appointments are generally assigned to these advisors.
Phone number is 540-231–6241.

CPD contacts FOR faculty and staff in other VT areas:
Phone number is 540-231–6241

  • For employers who wish to post jobs, and for any questions about Handshake, please contact our employer relations staff.
  • Sponsors of Virginia Tech career fairs with updates on your next date or changes to your web address:
    Please email Catherine Copeland, with the following:
    Subject line: your event name, DAY, and date.
    Example: [event name], WEDNESDAY, March 27, 2019
    In your email include: your web address for your event where students and employers can find complete details (time, location, contact info).
    Please do not send attachments (PDFs, Word, etc.)
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