We support your preparation for success whether interviewing for experience during college, a post-graduation job, or admission to graduate or professional school!

We offer you two options, described in comparison below, and you can learn more about each.

Two options:

"Mock" Interview Program

Interview Stream

What In-person, one-on-one, interview, feedback. Web-based interview practice.
Use a webcam to record your interview.
Review and feedback options.
For whom Current Virginia Tech students only. Anyone with Virginia Tech PID & password.
Use Limited. Unlimited use.
When By appointment during business hours. Any time 24/7. Interview Stream login.
Time needed Allow for up to 75 minutes on premises. Allow 30 minutes. 
Where Held in Smith Career Center.
Attend wearing interview attire.
Wherever you have Internet & webcam.
If you don't have a webcam, we can assist you.
Schedule By appointment. How to schedule and what you'll need to have ready. Any time 24/7. Interview Stream login.
Rules Strict cancellation and no-show policies. N/A
Groups, classes Not for group/class assignments.
Faculty|Staff: please see group/class assignments for practice interviews.
Ideal for group/class assignments!
Review and feedback options.
Learn more More about Mock Interviews, documents needed, and how to schedule. More about Interview Stream.
Three easy steps to use.
Guidelines & tips in Interview Stream.