With so many choices, where do I start looking for jobs online?

  1. Look at Hokies4Hire because it's specifically for employers who want to post jobs for Virginia Tech students. Post your resume, and take the active step to look for jobs to which you can apply.
  2. For liberal arts and social science majors, look at Current Jobs for Graduates, which also includes internships. This is one of our VT-exclusive tools.
  3. Use the other VT-exclusive resources available to you, including CareerShift and GoinGlobal.
  4. Look at the career field and industry websites. There are many niche sites focused by careers and industries. Pick three or four sites to visit. Spend a few minutes on each, and that will give you a sense of whether a site has content and navigation that work for you.
  5. On those sites you like, spend more time hunting for jobs, internships, and career information.
  6. See if you can find three to five sites that are useful to you. Perhaps find two general sites and three career-field sites, or other sites that match your interests. Note them, and use them to the fullest.
  7. Partner with one or more friends with similar career interests. You may each notice different information that is helpful, and can share with one another.
  8. Remember that looking online is just one method of finding jobs and internships. Networking is the source for a significant portion of jobs and internships found. Career fairs and job fairs offer the opportunity to prepare and meet employer representatives in person, so if your career field is represented by a fair, take advantage. Just remember that not all career fields are represented at career fairs, and not all employers need to or choose to attend career fairs.