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Where do I start looking for internships and post-grad positions?

You could start with the first resources on the list below, and explore more resources based on your interests.
Use resources that you find interesting and that are helpful to you.
We are glad to help you through advising!

  • Starting point resources for Virginia Tech students:
    • Handshake
      Employers actively posting internships and post-grad jobs for VT students. Some employers use Handshake to schedule interviews.
    • Career-field specific sites
      Not every employer posts their jobs with college campuses. Resources for 22 career field categories from ag/biotech to sports/fitness/nutrition.
    • CareerShift
      Comprehensive search tool for every career field.
  • More job search resources with internships and/or entry-level jobs, and/or are focused on college students and new graduates:
    • > Virginia Tech section
      Purports to show entry-level jobs and internships based on your university, major, and grad month+year. You can "join networks" based on academics and student organizations, and then view jobs for those networks.
    • company information database. Includes:
      Employers by Major - select from over 150 majors - gives results by state.
      Employers by State - select from over 150 majors - gives results by major.
      Detailed profile of each organization, including website, number of employees, contact information, and more.
      Division of CareerBuilder. Purpose is to show internships, part-time jobs and entry-level careers.
      Search for internships or entry-level jobs for college students and recent graduates.
      Stated purpose is to show part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs.
    • Diversity
      Purpose: Jobs with employers committed to diversity.
      Well-known, highly used site; can search for internship as job type, and entry-level as experience level.
    • The
      Has "internship" and "entry-level" search. Very good advice articles; profiles on companies.
      For college students; entry-level jobs and internships. Read their FAQs to learn how the site works.
    • > College jobs
      Can search: internship, entry-level, summer, work from home; and by location.
  • Job search tips: