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For undergraduate students: paid, part-time internships with Virginia Tech offices

Virginia Tech Campus internEXP

  • Career and Professional Development is pleased to offer Campus internEXP to support the university’s goal to increase experiential learning opportunities for students.
  • The program launched for internships that started in fall 2021. Internships are offered during academic terms of fall, spring, and summer.
  • In this program, internships are:
    • Paid;
    • Part-time;
    • For undergraduate students;
    • Working for Virgnia Tech offices;
    • Remote, or in person, or hybrid.
      (In-person internships will be located on the Blacksburg campus.)

More details for students and faculty / staff:
pay rates, funding, work terms, work hours, location

  • Are internships in-person or virtual?
    If in-person, what is the location?

    Internships may be remote, or in-person, or hybrid.
    In-person internships may be offered at any of our campuses in Virginia. Please check individual postings for more information.

  • When can internships occur?
    Fall, spring, and summer semesters. (The first work term for this program was fall 2021.)

  • How many hours per week, and in total, do interns work?
    Interns may work 10-20 hours per week. Interns may not work more than 20 hours per week.
    Each host office will specify in their job description the number of work hours and when the work hours need to occur.
    Interns must work a minimum of 150 hours total during an academic term.

  • What is the hourly pay rate, and what is the funding source?
    All students who work through Campus internEXP are paid an hourly rate aligned with the minimum wage requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech.
    For work terms starting on or after Jan. 1, 2023, the hourly minimum wage is $12.00.
    The funding source will be the university office hosting the intern.

  • Are there other costs?
    During each work term, the student intern must be enrolled in the zero-credit course, CEP 3084, which appears on the student's transcript. There is a university fee of $75 for that enrollment.

More information for faculty and staff who wish to hire paid student interns

Thank you for your interest! This is an opportunity to hire a student to help in your office and contribute skills and ideas, and for you to mentor the student.

Learning more:

  • What offices at Virginia Tech can host interns?
    Any office at Virginia Tech may apply to host an intern.

  • Who can be a supervisor?
    Any full-time faculty member or staff member may apply to host and supervise an intern.
    You must attend a one-hour information session (by Zoom).

  • When are the prospective supervisor info sessions?
    See supervisor dates and deadlines, by work term, below.

  • What does the required information session cover?
    The information session (by Zoom) will cover: general program information, a detailed timeline, expectations, job description tips and examples, and the benefits to you as a supervisor and host office.

Applying to host an intern:

  • Who should submit the application for a Virginia Tech office?
    The application should be submitted by the faculty member or staff member who will serve as supervisor.

  • How do I access the intern hosting application?
    The application will be provided to you when you attend the supervisor information session.

  • What is the deadline to submit an application to host an intern?
    See supervisor dates and deadlines, by work term, below.

  • How will supervisors and host offices be selected?
    We explain this fully in the supervisor information sessions.

Dates and deadlines for prospective supervisors

Work term: Spring 2024
Required info session for prospective supervisors: Seven sessions from Tues. Sep. 5, to Tues. Sep. 26, 2023.
Register: View dates and times, and register.
Supervisor application review date: Fr. Sep. 29, 2023.

More information for students who wish to apply for paid internships

Thank you for your interest! This is an opportunity to apply to work in a paid internship for a Virginia Tech office on the Blacksburg campus. If hired, you will develop professional skills through career-related projects. Your supervisor will be a full-time faculty member or staff member who will also serve as a mentor to you.

Learning more:

  • What academic levels may qualify?
    Undergraduate students of any academic level may apply, with one exception. Incoming first-year students may not apply to work during your first semester at Virginia Tech.
    Incoming transfer students would qualify to apply prior to your first semester at Virginia Tech.

  • What are the qualifications to apply for specific internships?
    Who makes the hiring decision?
    Each host office that hires interns will set its own qualifications, and that office will review student applications and make their own hiring decision. The supervisor for the internship will participate in required training on ethical and equitable recruitment, interviewing, and hiring processes prior to reviewing applications.

  • How do I see the opportunities and apply?
    Once you have attended a required information session, you will be eligible to apply to the opportunities on Handshake.

  • When are the required information sessions for students and how do I sign up?
    View dates and deadlines for prospective interns, by work term, below.

  • When are the internships posted for viewing?
    View dates and deadlines for prospective interns, by work term, below.

Applying to be an intern:

  • What is the deadline to apply for an internship?
    View dates and deadlines for prospective interns, by work term, below.

  • If I am hired as an intern, are there other requirements?
    Yes, you will be enrolled in CEP 3084, a zero-credit academic course, and you will set goals, develop career-ready skills, and reflect on your experience. This will be explained in the required information sessions for students. Also, if you are selected, you must attend a required orientation session for student interns, and we will provide all the guidance you need.

  • When are the required orientation sessions for students who are selected?
    Students who are hired will be notified of the dates and times of the required orientation sessions.

  • Will this internship appear on my transcript?
    Yes. CEP 3084 will appear on your transcript. Again, this is a zero-credit course.

  • Will I have to pay tuition for this internship to appear on my transcript?
    There is a $75 fee charged by the university for enrollment in the zero-credit CEP 3084 which appears on the student's transcript.

Dates and deadlines for prospective interns

Work term: Spring 2024
Required info session for students:
View schedule below.
Internships posted to view: Wed. Oct. 18, 2023
Deadline to apply: Wed. Nov. 1, 2023

Contact for questions about Campus internEXP:

Julia Ward
Assistant Director of Professional Development and Experiential Programs

Campus internEXP internships posted

Campus internEXP interns of the month

Julie, March 2023 intern of the month

March 2023 intern of the month: Julia, Science Communication Intern for Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

"Julia has been an inspiration for our office through her hard work and positivity. We have been so grateful for her focus, curiosity, and cheerful attitude, and will miss her terribly when she moves on."
- Kelly Izlar

Hannah, Feb. 2023 intern of the month

February 2023 Intern of the Month: Hannah, Career Outfitters Student Coordinator for Virginia Tech Career and Professional Development

"Students rave about Hannah and what a difference her kindness, care, genuine interest in their goals, and attention to detail makes as she helps find them a professional outfit, while educating them on other services and programs our office offers that may help them reach their own specific goals. Hannah not only leads the Career Outfitters shopping appointments, she also manages the incoming donations, creates our social media graphics, and co-facilitates our pop-up shops. Additionally, she assists with sustainability projects, other marketing initiatives, special workshops and events."
- Kayla Branson

photo of Davia, November 2022 intern of the month for Campus internEXP

November 2022 intern of the month: Davia, Marketing and Outreach Intern at the Center for Educational Networks & Impacts

"Davia has gone above and beyond in the areas of professionalism, leadership, and teamwork several times over the past month at key educational outreach events. She comes into work every day with an upbeat attitude and a willingness to complete any task assigned."
-Chelsea Haines

Campus internEXP intern of the month Oct. 2022, Adia.

October 2022 intern of the month: Adia, Fiscal Training Team Intern for Financial Management

"Adia is dedicated to creating a quality product that is helpful to all users. She seeks clarification as needed, but is able to work independently with very little guidance. The products that Adia develops are always above and beyond what is originally requested."
-Shelley Seckers

photo of Lauren Melton, Sep. 2022 intern of the month for campus internEXP

September 2022 intern of the month: Lauren, Marketing and Outreach Intern Center for Educational Networks & Impacts

"Lauren has risen to every challenge that has come her way. She is still in training for our various events, and has picked up leadership skills quickly. She arrives on time and ready to work for every shift."
-Chelsea Haines