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Student opportunities: Work and learn in CPD

Programs Overview
We offer three programs that enable students to acquire para-professional experience and learn by working in Career & Professional Development. One is for undergraduate students currently enrolled at Virginia Tech. Two opportunities are for graduate students.


Peer Career Advisor (PCA) Program

  • Open to first- and second-year students who apply in fall semester.
  • Paid position with paid training.
  • Three semester commitment: Spring semester paid training, 3-4 hours per week; the following fall through spring semester academic year commitment, 10 hours per week.
  • Training, advising, project work to represent the office as a para-professional.

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Graduate Assistantship

  • For graduate students in the Higher Ed or related program.
  • Fall through spring semester.
  • Paid position.
  • Work 20 hours per week.

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Graduate Practica and Internships

  • Open to graduate students from Virginia Tech and other graduate programs and institutions.
  • Typically one semester unpaid experience for graduate students to meet the requirements of their graduate programs for a work experience in a professional environment.
  • Hours per week depend on the requirements of the graduate program.

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