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Graduate assistantship

We are not hiring a G.A. for 2024-2025.

photo of Kassee Sosa
2022-2024 G.A., Kassee Sosa
Former G.A.s, Taryn Asbury and Darian Phillips
Former G.A.s, Kristen Coffey, Taryn Asbury, and Steven White (with Hokie Bird statue)

The G.A. position in Career and Professional Development:

  • 20-hour per week position during the academic year — fall through spring semester.
  • Opportunity for a Virginia Tech master's level graduate student in the Higher Education (HED) program, or Counselor Education program, who is interested in a career in college student services, advising, or human resources.
  • Designed to provide a broad range of knowledge about the career and professional development field, such that the G.A. is trained as a generalist.
  • Applicant may indicate specific interest areas if desired. Efforts will be made to ensure that the G.A. is able to have experience in the areas of interest to them.
  • Thorough in-house training on all aspects of Career and Professional Development.
  • Key responsibilities and activities include: advising, workshops, teaching, team membership, use of technology, and professional development.
  • Project related work which varies by G.A. interest and department need.
  • Opportunity to participate as a team member and work with a diverse staff.

Eligibility and application process:

  • Eligible graduate students and those entering the Higher Education (HED) master's program may apply through the processes established by that program.
  • Our mission is to train graduate students interested in a career in college student services or closely related fields. Students in unrelated academic programs whose career interests are unrelated to the mission of this assistantship will not be viewed as qualified candidates.
  • Eligible prospective graduate students may make inquiries beginning in February for the upcoming academic year.


  • Stipend and tuition reimbursement.
  • Support for professional development including the potential opportunity to submit a proposal to present at the annual conference of the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers held in late April.

Contact for questions:

Students who have read the information above, and will meet eligibility requirements, may contact:

Ms. Amy McPherson
Senior Associate Director for Student Services