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Resources for international internships, volunteering, work:

GoinGlobal for Virginia Tech students

Extensive resources for the international job or internship search.
Career and Professional Development pays a fee that provides access for currently-enrolled Virginia Tech students.
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Global Education office at Virginia Tech

Career and Professional Development strongly advises any student interested in work, internships, or volunteering abroad to read the resources provided by, and seek advising from, the Global Education office at Virginia Tech. That office has expertise in the many facets of going abroad. In "other programs" they provide information on internships, work abroad, and more.

Peace Corps office at Virginia Tech

The Peace Corps office at Virginia Tech is organizationally part of the Global Education office at Virginia Tech. Their webpages change often, so please search their site for "Peace Corps." Please contact the Global Education office with questions about the Peace Corps.

International resources on My Perfect / Riley Guide

The Riley Guide is a long-standing guide to international job search resources, and is now part of
See: International job resources: Search for employment in specific countries and/or regions of the world / Riley Guide