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Advising appointments with Career and Professional Development

  • Career and Professional Development (CPD) provides career-related advising appointments to Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students whose programs are based in Blacksburg and Roanoke.
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment through Handshake, please do not hesitate to call us; our reception staff will work to assist you.

Multiple modes and safety

  • Advising will be offered both virtually and in person starting fall 2021.
  • In-person appointments are held in the Smith Career Center.
  • If you have scheduled an in-person appointment and are not feeling well or have cold symptoms, please call us and change your appointment to virtual, or reschedule.
  • For in-person contacts: Even if not mandated, our staff may choose to wear masks for health and safety reasons. Advisors might choose to ask advisees to wear a mask. As a student, you should also feel free to ask your advisor to wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable.
  • The Virginia Tech Ready site provides information about health and safety for the university community. 
  • 30 minutes for most appointments.
  • 15 minutes for mini-appointments (for resume reviews and quick questions); you usually meet with a Peer Career Advisor.
  • Practice interviews are 30 minutes for undergraduate and master's level students; and 60 minutes for Ph.D. students.
  • 60 minutes for career-exploration follow-up (after initial 30-minute appointment).
  • Business hours: usually M-F, 8am-5pm. See office hours for changes/closings. Same-day appointments are not scheduled.
  • If you have a pressing question, or office hours don't work for you, please call us; our reception staff will work to assist you.
  • If you must cancel your appointment, you must either call us 540-231-6241 or cancel online using Handshake.
  • Please don't schedule casually and cancel at the last minute. An appointment is time given to and held for you, and therefore is not available to another student who needs assistance. Thank you for respecting your commitment.
  • No-showing for an appointment is highly discourteous, and this applies to virtual appointments. This is only excusable in the case of a true emergency (not changing your mind, or forgetting).
  • Employers view students who no-show for appointments and interviews as unprofessional and unhireable. We want you to put your best self forward as you apply for jobs, internships, and graduate school. Employers and admissions staff expect professional, responsible conduct; if we did not tell you that, we would be remiss in our commitment to give you honest advice. If someone tells you it's okay to no-show, that person is not giving you good advice. You know this if you have had someone no-show on you. Practice being well-organized and plan for delays so you establish habits to be a reliable person who keeps your commitments!
  • Career advising topics can include exploration of self, careers, and majors; seeking experience during college; developing professionalism skills for success in the workplace; seeking post-graduation employment; and planning for graduate or professional school.
  • If you are uncertain if we can assist you with your topic of concern, please call us! Our staff will help determine if you should talk with us or consult another office on campus.

For advising appointments with a CPD advisor:

If you prefer, or need, to call us to schedule your appointment: