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Career Q&A Today videos

Advisors in Career and Professional Development give video answers to career questions, including adapting to the job market impacted by Covid-19. Vidoes run two to six minutes; most are under 3.5 minutes. Watch these and more videos on VT Career and Professional Development YouTube.

Episode 1

How do I highlight on my resume that I have been furloughed? [4:16]

Episode 2

Myth busting: How can I find a job if no one is hiring? [3:06]

Episode 3

How can I find employers that are still hiring? [2:08]

Episode 4

How can I network remotely? LinkedIn is one way! [5:05]

Episode 5

I was planning to shadow professionals in my field to learn more about what they do. That opportunity no longer exists. How can I learn more about career fields? [2:58]

Episode 6

I’m interested in applying for jobs with the federal government but not sure where to start. Can the career center help? [2:11]

Episode 7

If I’m applying for a federal job, should my resume look different? [5:57]

Episode 8

I’ve heard the federal government has a good internship program. Where can I find federal internships, and when should I apply? [4:41]

Episode 9

I had a job lined up for the summer but it was cancelled. Can I still find a job? [2:58]

Episode 10

Are there any free and easy-to-use websites, that students can use to answer desired salary questions? [3:05]

Episode 11

What can I do with this major? [3:19]

Episode 12

How do I prepare for a virtual job interview? [3:37]

Episode 14

How do I create a Handshake account? [1:35]

Advising appointments

If you have a specific question that we do not address in a public Q&A, please schedule an advising appointment.