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15-minute mini-appointments and Resume Kickoff

15-minute scheduled appointments replace the old drop-in advising.  All advising is now scheduled in advance and is by phone or Zoom. Resume Kickoff means extended hours for 15-minute mini-appts.

Regular fall schedule for 15-minute mini-appts

Start date: Mon. Aug. 24, 2020, the date fall classes begin.
M-F 11am-3pm
Tu 5-7pm

Resume Kickoff extended schedule for 15-minute mini-appts

M-F Aug 31-Sep 4
Tu-F Sep 8-11
M-F Sep 14-18
Hours: 10am-4pm

Extended hours for 15-minute mini-appts
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Advance scheduling required:

  • Mini-appointments are scheduled at least 24-hours in advance.
  • If you realize you would like a mini-appointment within under 24 hours, you may call us to see if we have an opening; there is no guarantee that there will be an opening.
  • Check our office hours for closings or changes to advising hours.