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Finding internships

Postings and search sources:

Fairs to meet employers:

  • Career and Professional Development provides a career fairs list including VT-affiliated career fairs and other opportunities.

Employers who have hired VT students or graduates

Your college and academic department

  • Read the website of both your college and the academic department for your major. Many departments provide information about careers and internships for their students. Know the ways that your college and academic department share information with students, and stay connected.

Networking and seeking out potential employers

Use multiple ways to get experience

  • Use all the ways to get experience, including field study, part-time jobs, summer jobs, volunteering, service-learning, shadowing, para-professional opportunities, co-op, undergraduate research, extracurricular involvement and leadership. Depending upon your major and your career field, other terminology may be used and other types of experience are valuable.