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Finding internships

Online postings:

Fairs to meet employers:

  • Career fairs list includes:
    • Fairs sponsored by Career & Professional Development.
    • Fairs sponsored by colleges and departments at Virginia Tech.
    • Fairs sponsored by VT Alumni Association chapters.
    • Teaching / education fairs.
    • Virtual fairs focused for industries and populations.

Employers who have hired VT students or graduates

View these employers by major and research those of interest. Employers who have hired interns and co-ops in the past might do so in the future. Those who have hired new grads might also offer internships or other pre-graduation experience.

Your academic department

  • Read your academic department website! Many departments post internships and jobs on their site.
  • Watch for email from your academic department. Employers sometimes contact departments directly about jobs, and we in CPD share internship and job announcements with academic departments to share with students.
  • Visit your academic department. Look for bulletin boards where internships and jobs are posted.

Networking and seeking out potential employers

  • Networking
    Why it's important and how to do it!
  • LinkedIn for students
    To connect with alumni and others based on organizational affiliations and career fields.

Use multiple ways to get experience

  • Use all the ways to get experience, including field study, part-time jobs, summer jobs, volunteering, service-learning, shadowing, para-professional opportunities, co-op, undergraduate research, extracurricular involvement and leadership. Depending on your major and your career field, other terminology may be used and other types of experience are valuable.