Maintaining Student Status While Interning

As included in internship basics:

Maintaining student status while interning, but NOT for academic credit:

  • Career and Professional Development provides two options for undergraduate students who need to maintain student status during an internship* that is not for academic credit, and have the enrollment appear on the transcript: 
    • Full-time program: Undergraduate Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP); for positions that are at least 32 hours/week. 
    • Part-time program: University Internship Program; for positions that are fewer hours. 
  • Learn more about CEIP and the University Internship Program.
  • Could be applicable for work experiences that are called something other than "internship."

Internships FOR academic credit:

  • Academic credit can only be granted by an academic department, and involves paying tuition.
  • View your academic department website and contact your academic advisor to learn the opportunities and requirements in your academic department.