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Relocation Resources

Housing resources for internships, co-ops or relocation for post-grad employment

This page is designed for students seeking resources to help find housing for opportunities not within commuting distance from Blacksburg.

For students looking for off-campus housing within Blacksburg, visit the Off-Campus Housing Office.


Your employer should be the first source of information and assistance if you are looking for housing for a short-term work assignment such as an internship or co-op, or for longer-term post-graduation employment. Employers know that new hires who are relocating for the job need assistance and information.

If your employer does not provide information directly, review the employer's website to determine if information is provided.

Review any verbal or written information given at any time during the process of application, interviewing, or the official offer letter.

If neither of the above yields information, ask! If you are offered an interview, during the interview process you might ask how previous interns/co-ops have found housing, and whether the employer provides information or assistance to new hires who are relocating for the work assignment. If you are offered a job, ask before accepting the offer.

If your employer does not provide any information or any assistance finding information, explore the resources below.


Career and Professional Development does not expressly or implicitly endorse any specific housing service. This information is provided as a service to students.


Do an online search and carefully check reference. We do not list or recommend any specific real estate or rental property websites or services. They are numerous and easy to find online, and we are not in a position to review or curate these. We advise you to read the fine print and check references.