OCI means students don't have to travel to interview because the employers who recruit VT students travel to campus.

The scope:

  • Through OCI, 250-300 employers visit campus each year to interview students for post-graduation jobs, internships and co-ops. 
  • The employers come from throughout the United States, with most based in the mid-Atlantic or southeast regions of the U.S., and urban regions of Virginia. They include for-profit businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
  • These employers often book an interview date many months in advance, as part of their strategy of recruiting college students.
  • Each of these employers invests time and resources to travel to campus, most (75%) making one campus interview visit per year. This makes interview opportunities convenient for students. 
  • OCI interviews are conducted in interview rooms in the Smith Career Center. 
  • The OCI progam interviews occur during nine weeks of fall semester 2018, and seven weeks of spring semester 2019.

What OCI isn't:

  • OCI is not a job fair. 
    • Job fairs are one- or two-day events, and some include interviews for all or part of a day. 
    • OCI spans up to 80 days of interviewing during the 2018-2019 academic year. In 2017-2018, over 3200 students had 5760 interviews through OCI.
  • On-campus interviewing is not about on-campus jobs.
    • A Virginia Tech department with an on-campus job can post their jobs in Handshake. It's much easier for them to interview students in their own office.
    • Employers who do not have a location in or near Blacksburg use OCI because it provides them facilities and support to conduct interviews when they travel to Blacksburg.

How OCI works for students:

Can alumni participate in On-Campus Interviewing?

  • Recent graduates might find jobs of interest. Most employers participating in OCI are seeking recent or upcoming graduates. If you do not live near Blacksburg, you may find it more practical to contact employers and request an interview at the employer's site. 

If you plan to participate in OCI, it is your responsibility to read and understand our: