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Salary information for students and employers

Important considerations before viewing salary data sources:

  • Methodology:
    • Take note. What are the data sources? What is the count of salaries that comprises a median or average?
  • Fees:
    • Students should NOT pay fees for salary data! Career and Professional Development advises students to use only free information sources.
    • Fee-based sources are usually intended for human resource professionals who need extensive data to determine salaries to offer.
    • For employers, we do not endorse any fee-based services. We do link to reports from NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (in which Career and Professional Development has membership). NACE provides more extensive salary reports to members, including fee-based reports. Employers can consider whether they wish to purchase NACE membership, and/or NACE fee-based reports.
  • Salary sources that ask you to give information:
    • Some salary sites ask you to enter information such as your job title, location, and the salary you were offered. Be aware of this, and make your own decision about whether you want to use those types of websites.
  • We provide salary data and links to other resources as a service to our students and to employers interested in recruiting Virginia Tech students.

Virginia Tech co-op and intern first-work-term wages of students enrolled in CEIP:

National data:

Bachelor's degrees / salary data from graduates for first jobs

  • CPD administers the first destination survey, asking new Virginia Tech graduates to report if employed or continuing education after the undergraduate degree. Grads who say they are employed or in military service are asked to tell their salary. 
  • We report the number and percent who respond, with salary data, for each year, in the First Destination Report, which includes:

Master's and doctoral degrees / salary data from graduates

Career and Professional Development does not own or maintain the websites listed below, and we do not endorse any fee-based products or services listed here. Links are provided as a service to Virginia Tech students. We encourage students to use free services and information only. Fee-based services are generally for human resources professionals.

Government data sources:

Non-government data sources:

  • cost of living calculator
    Compare salary in one city to its value in another city.
  • Career > Salaries by job title and company name
    Salaries based on submissions by anyone. You can view salaries by location, state, city, zipcode, job title, industry, and company. The data may be more useful if you are looking at larger organizations for which more employees submitted salaries. Note the number of submissions in small font.
    Salaries are posted by individuals. You may see some info without creating an account, but may get blocked until you create an account. View by job title or company, and location.
    Salary data by location, company, title.
  • Parade Magazine > Annual What People Earn report
    Features anecdotes, not comprehensive data, on salaries of everyday workers in a variety of jobs (and celebrities).
    Free calculator to determine deductions from your gross pay, and thus estimate your net pay.
  • > Free salary and benefits report
    "Give-to-get" tool: you have to provide extensive information to get salary data.
    Includes salary for current job, evaluating a job offer, and researching other jobs.
  • cost of living calculator
    Estimate your current cost of living, how much it would cost to relocate, and the cost of living for your destination.
  • Robert Half Company salary calculators
    Choose field; get ranges based on several factors including specialization, job category, location, years of experience, etc.
    Search U.S. salaries by job title and location.
  • > Cost of living for states and cities in the U.S.
    Shows estimated costs of living in different U.S. states and cities.
    "Give-to-get" tool: you have to provide extensive information to get salary data.
    Contains a number of different resources, including a cost of living calculator.

For more assistance after viewing salary sources:

  • Employers who would like assistance are welcome to contact our employer relations staff.
  • Students who would like assistance are welcome to schedule an advising appointment.

Salary questions and negotiation

For students: learn about how to respond to questions about expected salary, and how to approach and prepare for negotiation.