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For employers: Posting jobs and accessing resumes

Handshake quick guides for employers

We use Handshake to allow you as an employer to post jobs and search for resumes. There is no fee for these services.

For Virginia Tech departments who wish to hire:

How to create your Virginia Tech department user account.
How to create your Virginia Tech department profile.
How to post your Virginia Tech department jobs.
Please ensure you receive our emails through Handshake.

Please note: If as a Virginia Tech employee you want both an employer Handshake account and a student / alumni Handshake account (for the purpose of advising students), you must request your employer account using a Virginia Tech alias as your username. Why? Because a student account requires use of your real Virginia Tech PID email address, and Handshake will not permit anyone to have both an employer and student account using the same email address.
If you already created your employer account using your Virginia Tech PID email, go into your employer account and change your email address to an alias. See more in information for advisors about student accounts.