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For Employers: Interviewing Virginia Tech students

We welcome the opportunity to make it easy for you to interview Virginia Tech students by providing on-campus coordination for you. The formal On-Campus Interviewing program enables employers to:

  • Schedule your interview date and connect it to your posted position(s); internships, cooperative education, and post-graduation jobs.
  • View resumes of candidates who apply for your job(s), and select candidates to interview.
  • Have ease of scheduling because your selected candidates will use Handshake to sign up for interview times to occur on your scheduled interview date.
  • Interview students who could be on campus or remote, so this serves as a screening interview before you incur travel expense bringing candidates to your location. 
  • Contact us for interviewing scheduling and assistance.

On-campus interviewing scheduling and process

We offer virtual and in-person options for conducting your interviews with Virginia Tech students:

  1. Both employer and student are in person at Smith Career Center.
  2. Employer is at the location of your choice, and student uses an interview room in Smith Career Center.
  3. Employer uses an interview room in Smith Career Center, and student is in a remote location.
  4. Both employer and student are in a remote location, not the Smith Career Center.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss which interview format(s) will best meet your needs.

The Smith Career Center location offers:
  • Interview rooms that are:
    • Comfortable and private.
    • Equipped with computers for video interviews.
    • Are available as a non-distracting location for students for video interviews.
  • A spacious waiting area for students where they check in for interviews.
  • A kiosk where you can see when your next interviewee has checked in.
  • An employer lounge area.
  • Employer relations staff available to assist you.

Scheduling ease through the formal program:

  • A key advantage of the formal program: You have the convenience that your selected students sign up for interview time slots via Handshake, so you do not have the logistic task of contacting each student to schedule each specific interview.

When interviews may occur:

  • Fall semester: Mid-September to mid-November.
  • Spring semester: Late January to late March.
  • On business days scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • If you wish to interview at other times, please see information below about the informal program.

When and how to schedule your interview dates:

  • You may reserve an interview date(s) as early as ten months in advance, starting in January for the academic year that begins the following fall. We encourage you to contact us at any time to discuss interview dates.
  • Request interviewing dates through Handshake or contact us. We are happy to assist you.
  • You also have the option to schedule an information session in connection with, and before, your interview date, to share information with multiple students and enable your one-on-one interview time to be spent more productively.

If the formal program does not meet your needs, the informal program enables you to:

  • Schedule interviews on shorter notice.
  • Interview during weeks outside the formal program schedule.
  • Build your own interview schedule.

To participate:

  • Collect resumes from students through means convenient to you, such as through Handshake, career fairs, meeting students at presentations to student groups, etc.
  • Contact us to establish an interview date. (If you need an interview room, we will provide interviewing space as available.)
  • Contact your selected students to establish your interview schedule.

Contact for assistance with scheduling and the interviewing process:

Donna Weikel
Employer Relations Coordinator
Career and Professional Development
Virginia Tech

If you plan to visit campus in person, please be aware of university guidelines for safety and university and public health guidelines.