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Resources and advising for Virginia Tech students considering and planning for graduate and professional school.

Researching schools and programs will open your eyes to the wide variety of graduate and professional education options that exist, and enable you to seek programs that match your career goals and interests. As you research, look for answers to questions important to you, which could include:

  • What are the employment and continuing education next steps of students who complete this graduate or professional programs?
  • Are most students who enter the graduate program entering directly after the undergraduate degree? Or do they enter with work experience first?
  • Is the program geared toward full-time students, or toward part-time students who are maintaining full-time employment?
  • If you have research interests: What are the research opportunites and research interests and expertise of the faculty?
  • What is the size of the cohort? Do students work closely with fellow students?

Of course there are many other questions that will be important to you based on your individual situation. Graduate and professional school is a large investment of time and money, and requires physical, mental and emotional energy and stamina. A good fit between yourself and the grad program and school is important to determine before you commit to that investment. Be cautious about rankings and so-called "best school" labels. Do your research on the criteria used for these evaluations and focus on what criteria and characteristics are of value to you. The best school for you is the one with the best fit for you, and might be different from the best school for one of your friends.

CAUTIONS and DISCLAIMERS  about the resources on this page.

  • Career and Professional Development does not own or maintain websites external to that are listed on this page, and we have no control over their content. We provide links as a service to Virginia Tech students. 
  • Career and Professional Development does not endorse any specific school or program. 
  • Career and Professional Development does not endorse any product for sale by any vendor whose website might be listed and linked. You will find both fee and fee-based information and services online. If you choose to purchase fee-based services, do so of your own volition after having researched the options.
  • With the exception of Virginia Tech programs, or where noted, resources are listed in alpha order.

Online research is your starting point. As you consider schools, make arrangements to connect in person when that is possible, and by phone or video when not. Plan to visit the campus if possible. Watch for open houses. Make appointments in advance with admissions advisors, and/or graduate program directors, and/or faculty with whom you might want to work on research projects. Watch for opportunities to connect with representatives who might be visiting Virginia Tech, or attending graduate or professional school fairs, to meet with prospective students. You're preparing to spend multiple years, and intense work, in grad school, so get to know the people, the place, and the culture as best you can before you commit.


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Additional resources in ALPHA ORDER:

Business school:


Pre-Education Advising Program [PEAP] at Virginia Tech in the School of Education
Advising for undergraduates considering teaching and school counseling careers which require graduate degrees. Guidance on selecting your undergraduate major based on your teaching or school counseling interests. Guidance on admission to graduate programs for teaching and counseling.

Law school:

Medicine | Health Professions | Health Administration

Veterinary Medicine