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iGROW@Virginia Tech (iGROW) Program

for Virginia Tech employees who supervise students

iGrow at Virginia Tech: guided reflection on work

iGROW program

  • The iGROW program supports guided reflection on work.
  • For: Virginia Tech employees* who supervise students** in paid or unpaid positions.
    (*Employees can include faculty, staff and graduate assistants.)
    (**Supervised students can include both undergraduate and graduate students.)
  • Purpose: Benefit students and supervisors:
    • Help students connect their campus jobs to their academics and future career goals;
    • Create more engaged student employees; and
    • Support supervisors with resources and structure for guiding supervisees.
  • Time investment:
    • 60-minute supervisor information session.
    • Four 15-minute meetings each semester between the student and supervisor.
    • Information and materials provided can support and streamline your work to guide the students you supervise.

More details about iGROW for supervisors

To participate:

Reflection questions for supervisors to ask supervisees.

These questions are meant to help students reflect on what they are learning and how they are applying what they learn. Supervisors will use these questions to encourage discussion in your four meetings per semester with each of the students you supervise.

  1. What are you learning (in this job) that is helping you in and out of the classroom?
  2. What are you learning in your classes that can apply at work?
  3. Can you give me a couple of examples of things you have learned in this job that you think you will use in your chosen career? Consider the professional competencies: Which do you think you are developing at work?
  4. How are you using your CliftonStrengths in your this job, and could you be using them more?

More resources for supervisors:

Benefits of iGROW for students:

What the students told us:

  • 100% agreed or somewhat agreed that their on-campus role helped them develop communication, teamwork and interpersonal, leadership, creativity and problem-solving, professionalism and productivity, and global perspective skills.
  • 78% agreed or somewhat agreed that their on-campus role helped them develop technology skills.
  • 94% agreed or somewhat agreed that their supervisor helped them reflect on their CliftonStrengths.
  • 100% agreed or somewhat agreed that their supervisor made connections between on-campus roles and life in and out of the classroom, as well as future careers.
  • Virginia Tech faculty and staff who supervise students.
  • Virginia Tech graduate students who are employed as graduate assistants, and who supervise undergraduate students as part of your assistantship.
  • See "how supervisors can participate," above.
  • No. Supervisors of students may participate in iGROW regardless of whether the student positions are paid or unpaid.
  • Students who are supervised may be undgraduate or graduate students at Virginia Tech.
  • No; there is not a minumum number of hours per week the students must work.
  • The work can be in person, or remote, or hybrid.
  • For other questions about iGROW. contact:
    Kassee Sosa, Graduate Assistant
    Career and Professional Development at Virginia Tech

Student spotlights

These students report to iGROW supervisors.


photo of Ruthie Brown, student spotlighted for April 2023

April 2023 student spotlight: Ruthie, Business Development Intern for the U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech

“Recently Ruthie has taken on projects that include gathering and organizing data for our grant proposals on HBCUs, Title I, nationwide cybersecurity programs in high schools through higher education, and our customer inquiries. This large project utilizes many resources, including our 'Service Now' platform which Ruthie just began learning to use and has mastered quickly. Ruthie has the initiative and drive of an irreplaceable employee. She is an outstanding asset to our team.”

-Rachel Morgante-Richmeier

photo of Natalie Kasmarek, student spotlighted for April 2023

April 2023 student spotlight: Natalie, Student Intern for Advancement – Student Affairs at Virginia Tech

“Natalie shows responsibility by making sure we are included in any communication she has with staff/vendors outside of our office so that we again have the opportunity to understand the details that she has been handling. All of this has been happening while she is a full-time senior (taking masters classes while completing her undergraduate degree) AND acting as a co-chair to the Big Event.”

-Lisa Abbott