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Interview Prep: web-based practice interview platform

Formerly called InterviewStream until summer 2022

graphic logo for Interview Prep, a tool for doing practice interviews online.  (formerly called InterviewStream)

Why use Interview Prep for practice interviews?

  • It's available 24/7 to all Virginia Tech students, employees, and alumni.
  • It has a "like" and "um" counter.
  • You can choose the questions you'll be asked.
  • You can save your interview to view later.
  • You can ask others to give you feedback on your interview; you can send a link so they can watch your interview.
  • Effective June 1, 2022: new Interview Prep login.

More about Interview Prep

Interview Prep (formerly InterviewStream) is a web-based practice interview program to assist you in preparing for interviews. You could be preparing for an interview for an internship, a scholarship, a post-graduation job, or for graduate or professional school admission. It is a simple, fun, and effective way to refine and master your interviewing skills. This program has been offered by Career and Professional Development since the start of spring semester 2010.

  • Anyone with a Virginia Tech email address. 
  • In about 30 minutes you can get logged in, follow some basic steps to do a general interview, record your responses to interview questions and review your responses. 
  • Time will vary among users because you have the opportunity to:
    • Re-try responses, save or delete responses.
    • Select from a detailed menu of questions (instead of using a general interview).
    • Stop any time, and log in later to finish an interview.
    • Use other resources on the Dashboard, including tips and webinars.
  • Yes. You can save responses and review them later.
  • You can choose different interview questions or repeat a set you already used.

A detailed tutorial is in Interview Prep; select "tutorial" in the user dashboard.

Three easy steps to InterviewStream: After you log in:

  1. Choose interview set: Pick your interview set or create your own interview from a list of over 1500 questions.
  2. Conduct practice interview: Conduct your interview with any webcam, any MAC, any PC, anywhere, anytime. The video interviewer will ask the first question, then the webcam begins recording. Mouse-click to stop recording. Review, retry, or continue to the next question.
  3. Watch and share with others: Click a question to review a response. Review it with a friend or professor or career advisor. You'll also have the opportunity to count your filler words ("umm," "like," "you know!")
  • Take advantage of all components on the User Dashboard, which includes interview tips and a webinar on strategies and tactics to succeed in the interview process.
  • You can schedule an appointment to have a Career and Professional Development advisor review your web-based interview with you. Once scheduled, you must email the advisor the link to your interview so s/he can be ready for your appointment.
  • You can also give review access to others: faculty members who have assigned a practice interview, advisors, friends, etc. It's a simple matter of emailing that person while you are in Interview Prep; of course you should ask that person's permission in advance.
  • No. Interview Prep is one option that Career and Professional Development offers. If you want to follow up your web-based practice interview by having a practice interview appointment, you can do so. You can learn more about practice interview options.
  • Of course Interview Prep is available to use 24/7/365, while practice interview appointments are scheduled during business hours.

Thanks to our sponsor:

Interview Prep is currently sponsored by InsightGlobal. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Important note: Career and Professional Development does not require anyone to use this service. This is a service we provide to the Virginia Tech community. Anyone with a Virginia Tech email address may use this service; so students, employees, and alumni may choose to use this service.