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CPD and Virginia Tech resources for alumni

Resources for job-seeking new graduates to those seeking to mentor or recruit Virginia Tech students to work in your organization.

CPD advising

CPD advising is open to alumni within two years of graduation. If you graduated more than two years ago: see Alumni Relations career resources.

Employer services

CPD services to recruit, post jobs and internships, use Handshake, participate in On-Campus Interviewing, learn about career fairs.

Alumni Association

Virginia Tech Alumni Association career resources include a job board, a Virginia Tech LinkedIn group, and networking events.

Alumni chapter career fairs

The DC Metro Area chapter (formerly National Capital Region) and the Richmond chapter have hosted career fairs for many years.

Seeking continuing education

Guidance for those considering an advanced or professional degree.

Seeking employment

Resources suited for recent graduates within two years of graduation.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you are within two years of graduation. Please see advising.

Recent grads should feel free to look at the events calendar. You are welcome to attend appropriate events, and please note the details to see if registration is required, or if there are any limits on attendance for any specific event.

If you are a recent graduate, please see the career fairs list to find and check the website for the specific event you want to attend. Determine if the employers attending match your career interests and qualifications, and determine if the event sponsor has placed any restrictions on who may attend. You might need to contact the event sponsor to ask.

  • On-campus fairs are usually for current students and very new grads, while fairs sponsored by Alumni Association chapters might offer more opportunities suited for both alumni and current students.
  • If you are a past graduate with career experience, and you do not reside within commuting distance of the Blacksburg campus, this is our advice related to in-person fairs in Blacksburg: Before you undertake the time and expense of traveling to campus, we advise you to directly contact attending employers to determine if they would be open to speaking with you at a career fair, or if it would be a better use of your time to arrange to meet with a different person and at the employment location. For example, if you are in Northern Virginia, and you wish to speak with an employer based in that location, it would be much more practical to connect with that employer in your mutual location, instead of traveling to campus. 
  • Note that campus recruiters are often not the staff who are involved in hiring of experienced personnel.
  • We are not in a good position to effectively serve job seekers who have extensive experience or who are not recent graduates (within two years after graduation). If you wish to have a conversation with a career advisor to help steer you toward appropriate resources or to receive guidance on how to use the online research and job search tools we provide, we are able to have that conversation with you. Please be aware that we are unable to provide extensive one-on-one counseling, and we are unable to "place" individuals into positions.
  • The Virginia Tech Alumni Association provides Alumni Career Resources.