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Position Statement about campus recruiting and job postings by employer organizations: Expectations of employers and students

No endorsement of employing organizations is expressed or implied.
Career and Professional Development at Virginia Tech provides and supports opportunities for students to explore and pursue a wide variety of career options. Among the opportunities afforded students are job postings, recruitment visits, and career fairs, which bring hundreds of prospective employers — including private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies — to campus each year. Most of the career fairs on campus are sponsored and hosted by academic departments or colleges, or by student organizations, at Virginia Tech. Career and Professional Development publicizes these events and helps to prepare students to learn the professionalism and job search skills to be successful at these events. Career and Professional Development also hosts prospective employers in our facilities throughout the academic year so that these employers can conduct interviews with students through the On-Campus Interviewing Program, and Career and Professional Development enables employers to post jobs for students through Handshake.

Providing space for prospective employers on our public campus, and enabling employers to post jobs, does not imply an endorsement of the missions or activities of any visiting or posting organization. As an academic institution, we strongly encourage students to research information and options in order to make informed employment choices.

Expectations of Employers
Employing organizations that recruit Virginia Tech students are expected to follow the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Students who believe an employer has not acted in accordance with professional standards in the job search process are asked to please contact our employer relations staff to discuss the matter.

Expectations of Students
Career and Professional Development expects students who are conducting a job search — for any type of position, including internships, field studies, cooperative education positions, and post-graduation positions — to conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner.


  • Students should attend scheduled interviews.
  • Students should not renege after accepting an employment offer.

For more information, students should read:

Employers who believe a student has not acted in accordance with these expectations are asked to please contact our employer relations staff.