Each year we survey graduating students completing undergraduate degrees to learn their first destination after graduation. The survey remains continuously open through six months after commencement. For those who are employed, we ask: Which best describes the source of your first contact with the employer (organization, company, agency) whose job you accepted? The breakdown by college is in the graph below. In the full single-year reports, you can view how grads responded by major. See: Post-Graduation Report.

The top methods, for over ten years, for new graduates to make first contact with employers whose job they accepted, have been:

  • Networking, which includes contacts through: family, friends, faculty/staff, alumni, fellow members of clubs/organizations, current/former employers.
  • Having worked for the employer during college, which includes volunteering, part-time work, summer job, internship, co-op, field study, undergraduate research, or any other work relationship.
  • Career fairs have been a strong source for certain career fields, and during times when the economy is stronger.