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Names and abbreviations of your degree level

One of the most important pieces of information in your resume and cover letters is the listing of the college degree you are pursuing (or have earned). If you're uncertain of your degree or how to state it, there are resources:

University resources to confirm correct wording and abbreviations for your Virginia Tech degree:

  • Undergraduate degree levels, associate and bachelor:
    The Undergraduate Course Catalog should tell the names of degrees offered within each college.
  • Graduate degree levels, master and doctoral:
    See VT graduate degrees and programs
    [Graduate School |]
  • How to abbreviate your degree | capitalization & possessive:
    University style guide: abbreviations includes this.
    [University Relations]
  • Degree title guidelines from the University style guide:
    Do not add the word "degree" after an abbreviation of the degree.
    Do not add the word "degree" after "associate / bachelor / master of (arts / science / etc)."

EXAMPLES to show your degree level:
This is NOT a list of all majors. See university resources above for more detailed information.

A.S. in agricultural technology
B.S. in sociology
M.A. in English
Ph.D. in biochemistry

Not correct:
(Per the University Style Guide, do not add the word "degree" after an abbreviation of the degree.)
A.S. degree in agricultural technology
B.S. degree in sociology
M.A. degree in English
Ph.D. degree in biochemistry

Associate of agriculture in applied agricultural management.
Bachelor of Arts in geography (subject is not capitalized)
bachelor's degree in geography
Bachelor of Arts in English (subject "English" is capitalized, as with all names of languages, which are proper nouns)

Not correct:
Bachelor of arts degree in geography ("degree" not needed)
Bachelor's of arts in geography (possessive form, apostrophe + "s"  not used with "of arts" or "of science," etc.)

associate's degree | bachelor's degree | master's degree
Associate of Agriculture | Associate of Science
Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Science
Master of Arts | Master of Science
Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.]
doctoral degree

Not correct:
Associates degree | Bachelors degree | masters degree (these should be possesive, meaning apostrophe before "s"; not plural)
Bachelor's of arts | of science (possessive form not needed with "of...")
Master of arts degree
doctorial (that's not a word)
doctorate degree ("doctorate" and "degree" are both nouns. If you wish to use an adjective before the noun "degree," use "doctoral.")