Case Interviews

Case interview definition and resources to prepare

Case interviews are primarily used by management consulting firms and investment banking companies. [Quint] They are typically part of, and not the entire, interview process. In case interviews, the interviewee is asked to analyze a business problem or situation, identify key issues, and provide an approach to addressing the problem or situation.

Per, case interviews are "designed to scrutinize the skills that are especially important in management consulting and related fields: quantitative skills, analytical skills, problem-solving ability, communications skills, creativity, flexibility, the ability to think quickly under pressure, listening skills, business acumen, keen insight, interpersonal skills, the ability to synthesize findings, professional demeanor, and powers of persuasion."

In addition to, there are many resources to prepare. If you are interviewing with a specific organization that uses case interviews, be certain to research their website for tips. McKinsey and Deloitte are examples of consulting firms that provide tips and practice cases (included in the list below). You certainly may find many other free and fee-based resources by searching. Please note that Career Services does not endorse any products for sale.


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