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Virtual recruitment

Many employers are engaging with Virginia Tech students virtually. We encourage your organization to be creative in your virtual recruitment strategies and are providing you with some opportunities enhance your virtual recruitment plan.  

Post jobs

If you are not planning to visit campus but would like to post a job for Virginia Tech students, please use Handshake.

Host virtual information sessions or events

In the past year Virginia Tech has had many employers schedule virtual information sessions, coffee chats/conversations, career exploration and job search related sessions hosted on platforms such as Zoom, Brazen, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Conduct virtual interviews

Our office has interview rooms with computer and internet capabilities for students to use when an employer schedules an interview.  In addition, our employers can also use this space for a day(s) of scheduled virtual interviews.  Contact the Employer Relations staff to learn how you can take advantage of this space to conduct interviews.

Virtual employment

Virtual employment can be a rewarding and successful experience for both employers and their hires.  As we know employers are making decisions about the future of employment within their employer.  Has your employer decided to hire students for full-time, internship, or co-op positions and have those individuals work remotely?  Consider below as you consider your current and future working environments.

  • Develop a plan for the intern, co-op, or full-time hire including on-boarding and training activities, computer resources needed, etc.
  • Clearly define working expectations for the new hire and periodically discuss those expectations
  • Mentors can provide critical support to new hires.  Explore mentorship opportunities within your organizational structure.