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Building a campus relations program

Employers are always seeking ways to increase their visibility and brand on campus.  As an employer your goal should be to create a strong brand among our students. Posting jobs and participating in career fairs are important but being part of the campus and engaging with Virginia Tech students is key to building a strong brand on campus. By developing a strong, recognizable, and engaging employer brand you will create an effective and successful recruitment strategy at Virginia Tech. We are eager to assist you in developing your employer brand.

Your organization, through your representatives, should develop relationships with our office, with faculty, and with students, and maintain a consistent presence on campus. Some ways you can develop and maintain those relationships are:

·         Participate in career fairs, on-campus interviews, and other industry events as they occur.

·         Offer to host/sponsor student organization meetings and events.

·         Sponsor student capstone/senior projects.

·         Participate in employer panels/presentations hosted by Career and Professional Development, departments, or student organizations.

·         Seek out opportunities to connect with faculty to participate in classroom presentations and/or lectures.

Whenever your representatives are on campus and participating in various events you are creating a touchpoint that will prove to increase your relationship with faculty, students and Career and Professional Development.