The 2018-2018 Career Outfitters event will be held in AUGUST 2018!

Career Outfitters in the VT News.

Feb. 2018: Blythe Boyd, sophomore majoring in fashion merchandising and design, shows off some of the donations that were available at the Career Outfitters event in Feb. 2018.

FALL 2018 shopping dates:
- Mon. Aug. 27, 2018: 10am-4pm
- Tues. Aug. 28, 2018: 9am-noon

Career Outfitters, held once per year, provides free-of-charge shopping for students to obtain new and gently used professional attire. All Virginia Tech students are welcome. No appointment needed. Just drop in during the shopping dates and hours. Our inventory has been donated by generous community members. All inventory will be available at the start of shopping. Limit of one outfit per shopper.

This is LAST YEAR'S event flyer. It will be REPLACED by AUGUST 2018 for the AUGUST shopping dates.

Donations needed!

We accept donations of new and gently used professional attire throughout the year. Currently, in advance of our Aug. 2018 shopping dates for students, we especially need women's clothing donations to replenish our closet.

More about current donation needs, drop-off, and shipping. If you have questions about delivery, or need assistance carrying in donations, please call our office during business hours at 540-231-6241.

Thank you to all who have donated!

Career Outfitters launched in 2013, beginning with several months of collecting donated items for students. Thanks to all who have donated, and to many student volunteers, we have held the Career Outfitters shopping event once each academic year since 2013-2014, and have given away thousands of clothing items to Virginia Tech students. The Aug. 2018 shopping event will be our SIXTH annual event.

Roanoke Times feature on the 2017 event.

More on how to donate at Career Outfitters on Facebook.