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Develop Your Digital Fluency Competency

Employer quote: "The less an employer has to train you...

 on a certain skill, the more attractive you will be to an employer. Being able to use digital technologies will help you set yourself apart from other candidates when looking for a job. "

Digital fluency competency:

Maximize new and emerging technologies in order to work, learn and live in a digital society. The ability to apply digital technology to enhance quality, improve productivity and communication, solve problems, and streamline processes.

Ways to develop digital fluency skills:

  • Create projects and express ideas through digital tools.
  • Learn a new technology or design skill through
  • Work with a Virginia Tech librarian to find relevant and credible sources through on-line research.

Reflection questions:

  1. When you gather information online for a project or research, how do you evaluate the credibility of the sources you view?
  2. Reflect on your digital footprint.  What can others see about you on-line and what is the first impression someone would have of you based on your on-line brand?
  3. How do you use technology and social media on a daily basis?  How comfortable are you with learning new technology?

Practice interview questions:

  1. Tell me about a time you used technology to streamline and improve a process.
  2. You’ve just been assigned to a project involving a new technology. How would you get started?
  3. What technology-related blogs, podcasts, tweets or websites do you follow? Do you share any information yourself online?