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Develop Your Communication Competency

Employer quote: "In every job...

communication skills are extremely important. You will have to talk, write emails, have group discussions, and work with others. Being able to articulate your message is crucial so you can be understood. Listening is essential so you can take in feedback and maintain strong relationships.”

Communication competency:

Articulate thoughts and express ideas effectively using oral, written, visual and non-verbal communication skills, as well as listening skills to gain understanding. The ability to deliver information in person, in writing, and in a digital world.

Ways to develop communication skills:

  • Develop and deliver a presentation for a class.
  • Check for understanding by asking clarifying questions.
  • Proofread online and written communication to avoid errors.

Reflection questions:

  1. Reflect on when you use various communication styles.  Which do you feel most comfortable using and naturally gravitate towards? What do you want others to know about your communication style?
  2. Describe/identify the characteristics of effective communication.  How do you model these characteristics?
  3. Describe your style of communicating and interacting with others. Give an example of a situation in which you had to utilize effective interpersonal skills.

Practice interview questions:

  1. Rate your communication skills on a scale of 1-10 with 10 representing excellent communication skills. Give an example from your past work experience that demonstrates the number you selected.
  2. Tell about a time it was critical for you to effectively communicate information to another person or group of people.
  3. Tell about a time your communication skills improved a situation.