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Advising Data

2018-2019 advising contacts by main topic

56% seeking experience

The majority of undergrad advising (56%) is for seeking experience. That's great because experience is essential for all aspects of career preparation, from exploring career options to getting a post-grad job. And even though 93% of grads got experience during college, 34% wished they'd gotten more (the biggest regret of new grads). So that makes a strong case to seek multiple types of experience throughout college.

The majority of graduate students advising contacts are for seeking post-graduation employment (57%) or experience (38%).

Other advising topics:

10% exploring self, careers and majors.
18% seeking post-graduation employment.
13% Health Professions Advising: preparing for admission to professional school for a health career such as medicine, dentistry and other health professions.
3% planning for continuing education other than health professions.
We encourage more students to take time for career exploration — and not just choosing a major — because the number two regret of new grads (over 29%) is wishing they had learned more, earlier about career options.