Virginia Tech graduates' first jobs and employers

Employers, as reported by new Virginia Tech graduates, for their FIRST job after undergrad degree.

New grads have seven months to report their employer and job title.

  • Each year, starting one month before commencement, we ask all Virginia Tech students who are completing undergraduate degrees to self-report their FIRST DESTINATION after graduation, whether employed or continuing education.
  • Self-reporting is open through six months after commencement. Graduates who report seeking employment can update their self-report throughout that time.
  • Employed grads are asked their job title, employer organization, and location.
  • Not all respondents who state they are employed tell us their employer or provide complete information.

All employers by undergrad major:

Each year, employed grads typically report more than 800 to more than 1000 employing organizations.

Short list of top employers for whole university:

Fast fact: Virginia Tech has been the top-reported employer for more than one graduating class.