Virginia Tech, University Relations: Style Guide for Written Documents
Concise guidelines on abbreviations of degrees, capitalization, university departments, and much more.

Resumes are typically used for a job search in industry and other non-academic positions. However, a resume may be requested for some academic positions or required as part of a comprehensive application package.

Resume Guide

A curriculum vitae, or c.v. is the most traditional document used in an academic job search and provides detailed documentation of all related professional experience.

C.V. Description and Guide

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Provide current contact information for faculty or employers who can speak knowledgeably and positively about your abilities and professionalism. The number of references required varies among institutions; three to five are typical.
Note that references are contained within your curriculum vita, but are a separate document if you prepare a resume.

References Guidelines

Your faculty advisors probably have plenty of experience both writing and reading letters of reference, but if someone needs advice, suggest our faculty guide for writing reference letters.

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Be prepared for this request by ordering official copies of your transcript from the University Registrar from all institutions attended.

University Registrar at Virginia Tech: transcript requests

An abstract from your dissertation provides others with an idea of your research and areas of expertise. Prepare an oral defense of your work in advance so that you can justify the research value. Include your reasoning for your choice of topic and area of study.

A copy of a chapter from your dissertation provides a potential employer with a sample of your writing and research capabilities. Consult with your faculty advisor or dissertation committee about your selection.

Take appropriate opportunities to have your work published in professional journals. Publications add to your credibility and increase your value to any institution of higher education. Prepare a comprehensive list of your publications in proper format and reverse chronological order. Be prepared to answer questions about your choice of journals and the articles that you chose to submit. Your professional development should also include a presentation of your research to other professionals. Prepare a comprehensive list of your professional presentations. Your publications and presentations are listed in your curriculum vita.

Reflect on your own philosophy of education and prepare a written statement of your philosophy. Be prepared to orally communicate your thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner.

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These give evidence of how you organize your teaching plans and the resources you use.

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