Jobs are advertised in a wide variety of places. Some are easier to find, and some require a little more digging and research to uncover. These are basic resources to use:

Hokies4Hire is where employers are invited to post internships, co-ops, and post-graduation jobs for VT students and graduates. Postings can occur throughout the year. We receive many postings! Learn more about Hokies4Hire and when and how to participate.

Some, not all, employers have the time, money, resources, and need to meet with enough students that they can justify a visit to campus to conduct interviews. They schedule an interview date well in advance, students apply in advance, and selected students are invited to sign up for interviews held in Smith Career Center. Interviews are held throughout the year, 8-10 weeks of both fall and spring semesters, but most employers visit campus only once or maybe twice per year for interviews, so you should be viewing the opportunities throughout early fall and into early spring. The application and sign process are done through Hokies4Hire. Learn more about participating in the On-Campus Interviewing Program.

There are many career-field-focused websites that enable you to both learn about and find internships and job in specific fields.

Many academic departments post information about internships, field studies, and post-grad jobs for their students. Have you visited yours? See the university's list of academic departments to find yours.

If you're targeting a particular geographic location, watch the job postings in that region's media outlets. Of course you know that not all jobs are advertised, but don't overlook this resource.

Particularly useful for graduate students since you are becoming more specialized and focused in your career pursuits. If you don't already know what the professional publications are in your field, ask your faculty.

Employers often have job-seeker tips on their sites. By all means read and use them.

Your academic department and/or college and others may forward job listings to students.

Our job fairs list includes:

  • Job fairs sponsored by our office, Career & Professional Development, open to employers seeking all majors.
  • VT-affiliated events sponsored by colleges and departments.  
  • Teaching / education job fairs.
  • Virtual fairs, many of which are industry-specific.

Research in advance the employers coming to each fair (the real world is not organized by college majors), find employers that match your qualifications and interests, go prepared to present yourself to stand out from the crowd. (Don't walk up and say, "what do you do?" or "what kinds of jobs do you have?")

Preparation is key to success:
Note that our research found that students who read about attending employers in advance of a fair, and who prepared to know what to do at a fair, were much more likely to view attending a fair as a good use of time, as compared to students who did not read about employers in advance and who did not prepare.

How to prepare for a job or career fair.

Seek out unadvertised jobs and use networking to take your job search to the next level. We are here to assist you through advising.