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When to participate in OCI based on what you're seeking and when you're graduating:

  • Start up very early in September!
  • The first application deadline is in early September for the first week of interviews in fall semester.
  • Deadlines are weekly, three to four weeks before each interview week.
  • There are eight to ten interview weeks in fall semester (varies with the economy and employer demand for new hires).
  • See OCI dates and deadlines for a detailed schedule.
  • Check new job postings weekly throughout fall semester prior to graduation.
  • Fall is the heavy recruiting season. The majority of employers who recruit on campus make their visits during fall semester (not quite as many recruit in spring).
  • EARLY BIRDS! You can also view the opportunities posted during spring semester prior to your graduation; most of those will be for May and summer graduates, but you might find some employers interested in early looks at December graduates.
  • Participate during both fall and spring semesters prior to your graduation.
  • Fall is the heavier recruiting season. Over 70% of the employers who come to campus do so in fall semester; and the majority (over 60%) do not make two interviewing visits per year. If you skip fall interviewing, you might miss opportunities.
  • See OCI dates and deadlines.
    The first fall semester application deadline is very early in September.
    The first spring semester application deadline is very early in January, BEFORE the semester begins.

We host school system recruiting and candidate interviews through OCI typically during mid-February. Expect application deadlines in late January to early February.

Many school systems do not participate in OCI; their means of recruiting include teacher job fairs, often in the county or region where they are located. There are many! See education job fairs for specific events, dates and links to their websites.

It can take up to one or two semesters to find a position and get a firm offer.
If you would like to work in spring or summer, begin actively searching in fall prior.
If you would like to begin work in fall semester, begin searching in spring.

Be sure to use other search methods in addition to OCI — see how to find co-op and internship jobs. Many organizations advertise their internships through their own websites and send email announcements and use other means of publicity. Do not expect to find all the opportunities in OCI!