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For students who want to follow up and send thanks after an on-campus interview

  • Do not leave your interview without knowing and writing down the name of your interviewer. Confirm correct spelling. If at all possible, obtain from your interviewer a business card with contact information. It is perfectly appropriate to ask for this.
  • If you were unable to obtain contact information from your interviewer, you may call our Career and Professional Development employer relations staff at 540-231-6776 during office hours, and we will work to assist you. You will need to tell us the date of your interview and the employing organization. Some organizations bring more than one representative to conduct interviewers, so you will need to know the name of your interviewer.
  • Learn more about sending thank you letters.

For students who want to find the Hokies4Hire/OCI recruiting coordinator

  • In Hokies4Hire, you may look up an employing organization's primary contact for OCI. 
  • Be aware that organizations can post jobs and opt not to post a person's name or contact information.
  • Recruiting coordinators are usually not the individuals who visit campus to conduct interviews; they are usually coordinators and contacts for their organizations' participation in the On-Campus Interviewing Program and for the jobs they post in Hokies4Hire.