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Can Virginia Tech alumni participate in Hokies4Hire?

Yes. If you completed your degree recently (according to the university Registrar's records), you might still have an active account.
First check to see if you have an active account: log in to Hokies4Hire.
If you do not have an active account see instructions for alumni to request an H4H account.

How long can alumni participate in Hokies4Hire?

There is not a time limit. However, we periodically remove accounts that have been inactive for a period of time. If you find that your account is inactive, and you wish to resume a job search, you may request that your account be reactivated.

When you accept employment, notify our staff at hireahokie@vt.edu, giving your full name and Hokies4Hire login name.

Can alumni participate in On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)?

Yes. However, be aware that as an alumnus, OCI might not be the best strategy or use of your time. Consider the following:

Generally OCI employers are interviewing students whom they expect to bring on board after graduation in December, May, June or August. If you are seeking immediate employment, other strategies besides OCI may be more effective uses of your time.

Alumni with extensive professional experience should contact employers directly. Campus recruiters are usually not involved in hiring of experienced personnel, but may be able to refer you to the appropriate person in the organization.

As an alumna or alumnus participating in OCI, you are competing against current students for interviews. Because employers are generally looking for the strongest qualifications in candidates, and are generally looking for current students rather than past graduates, consider how your credentials compare to your competition. If you are not highly competitive, you may find other job search strategies to be more effective.

If you would need to travel a long distance to participate in OCI, you may be better off contacting employers directly and asking if it is possible to arrange an interview at the employer's site.

If you are uncertain about how successful you might be in OCI, we encourage you to discuss your situation with a Career and Professional Development advisor before deciding whether or not to participate in OCI.

Latin 101 tips:

Alumni: plural, males or both genders

Alumnae: plural, females

Alumna: singular, female

Alumnus: singular, male

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