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The Peer Career Advisor (PCA) Program is an academic year-long, paid employment opportunity (with paid training the spring semester prior), 10 hours per week, for students to work, learn, and develop professionally by partnering with Career and Professional Development. PCAs serve as a vital link between Virginia Tech students and our staff. The three major areas of responsibility are detailed below. More about qualifications, eligibility, time commitment, and how to apply.


Job Responsibilities

1. Advising

  • Critique resumes and cover letters though walk-in advising.
  • Advise on job search topics.
  • Have impactful conversations with their peers regarding career development, job search strategies and professionalism.
  • Serve as a role model for successful career exploration and preparation.

2. Outreach and education

  • Deliver presentations on career and job search topics to students (i.e. in residence halls and student organization meetings).
  • Design informational materials and presentations to educate students on the use of various online and electronic career resources.
  • Promote our office around campus and assist with distributing promotional materials.

3. Project and programming assistance

  • Serve as an assistant liaison for a Career Network.
  • Assist with ongoing programs and projects and planning special events and career programs.

PCA Testimonials

  • “There has been nothing more fulfilling for me than being able to help alleviate someone’s worries and nerves through advising, work together to create a plan, and then watch them succeed through their own determination. Career and Professional Development has given me a unique experience where I get to be a small and important step in someone's entire journey. I look forward to work every single day.”
  • "As a PCA, I have learned how to become a better listener and resource for students in order to help them develop their future career journey."
  • “I've loved being a PCA. Not only have I been able to learn so many skills that I've applied to my personal career exploration, but I've been able to help so many of my peers with things that really matter.“