For Students: How to Join the Program

Thank you for your interest in joining CEIP!

  • Please note that attending orientation will answer all questions you have about enrolling in CEIP, and you should attend orientation (information below about this) before seeking individual advising.
  • All students, domestic and international, should attend orientation to receive information and instructions on how to proceed.

For all students interested in joining CEIP:

All students who enroll in CEIP are required to abide by this ethical rule: Never back out (called "reneging") on a job offer.  

If you have received an offer... Congratulations. Stop. Think first:

  • An employer who offers you a co-op or internship position should not ask you for an immediate acceptance and you should not give one.
  • Do express thanks for the offer, your interest in the offer, and your intention to carefully consider and make sure you understand the details of the offer.
  • Saying "thank you" for the offer, and saying "yes" to the offer, are not the same thing.
  • Before you say "yes," and accept the offer, think about it. Read the terms of the offer. Sleep on it. Ask questions of the employer if you do not fully understand the terms. Talk to family members. Talk with your Career & Professional Development CEIP advisor if you wish.
  • Ideally an employer should give you at least two weeks to consider an offer. However, the employer may be under time pressure to hire a candidate, and/or the start date could be very soon, so the employer might need your answer in less time. At the very minimum, the employer should give you two days to consider the offer.
  • Don't accept an offer until you are sure of your decision and until the employer has given you enough information on which to base your decision. Again, ask the employer any questions you need answered before you make a decision.
  • If you are in a difficult or confusing situation that you are not sure how to handle, call us to arrange to talk with your CEIP advisor.

Understand the rules and ETHICAL issues about responding to an offer.

  • Don't accept a job offer — even verbally — until you are certain you are committed.
  • Don't back out after accepting — that's called reneging, and is unethical. Reneging on an offer will make you ineligible to register with the Undergraduate Cooperative Education and Internship Program if you accept another employment offer.
  • An employer should never pressure you to renege on another employer. If this happens to you, discuss this with your CEIP advisor.
  • Once you have accepted a job offer, notify any other employers with whom you are in discussion about employment that you are no longer a candidate. Cancel any upcoming interviews by courteously explaining that you have accepted another job offer.
  • Read more about deciding on a job offer for guidance on accepting and declining offers, and sample letters.

Your FIRST step, before seeking advising, is to attend CEIP orientation.

  • See CEIP events calendar for orientation sessions; details explain how to sign up in Handshake.
  • Sessions last 75 minutes and are offered throughout the semester. You only need to attend one.
  • CEIP orientation covers:
    • The program requirements.
    • Exact instructions for both domestic and international students.
    • Activities to prepare for success on the job.

As stated above, orientation will cover all questions for both domestic and international students. Therefore you should attend orientation before seeking advising.

AFTER you have attended orientation, you are welcome and encouraged to seek advising for additional questions.

You may come to CEIP drop-in advising:

If you have already accepted a co-op or internship job:

  • As soon as you accept an offer, stop the job search process and cease interviewing. Re-read the ethical issues information above.
  • Obtain from your employer:
    • A written job offer letter and job description with a start- and end-date.
    • Save this as a PDF so you can submit it (instructions below).
  • Log in to Handshake to your account to report your hire.
    • From the top menu bar, click on Career Center to see a drop-down menu.
    • On the drop-down menu, click on Experiences.
    • On the Experiences page, click on Request an Experience.
    • Complete all the information (including "next page" if applicable).
      When you have completed all requested information, click the words "Request Experience" in the green button at the end.
    • On the next screen you will see "Experience was successfully created," and the words "New Attachment" in a blue button. Click that.
    • On the next screen, you will choose the file that is your saved offer letter and job description. Click on "Create Attachment" in the green button.
    • On the next screen you will see "Attachment was successfully created."
    • This concludes your process of reporting your hire in Handshake.

If you have not yet found a co-op or internship job: