Student Eligibility for CEIP

Any student at Virginia Tech may seek all types of career-related experience

If you wish to enroll in CEIP, in addition to job and program details, note these eligibility criteria:

  • You must be an undergraduate student and have completed at least one semester at Virginia Tech to enroll in the Cooperative Education and Internship Program (CEIP).
  • Graduate Students who wish to register with the university during a work assignment must follow the requirements of the Graduate School Cooperative Education Program. Career and Professional Development is not authorized by the university to enroll graduate students.
  • For work term timing: Note that some engineering majors may not split their senior semesters with a work term, due to the senior design project that spans two consecutive semesters of the senior year.

Students in all undergraduate majors are eligible to enroll, as long as permitted by your academic department. You can view recent term enrollment by college and major.

Career and Professional Development requires that you have a 2.0 minimum.
Specific academic departments and specific employers may have higher minimum standards.

You must have established a GPA at Virginia Tech. See information below for transfer students.

After you are employed and enrolled in the program, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (or higher if required by your academic department). If your GPA drops below the minimum, you will be in a probationary status for CEIP and must raise your GPA to the minimum during your next regular semester in order to continue in the program. The university's academic eligibility policy (see the undergraduate course catalog within Academic program information) supercedes the CEIP policy. You may not be enrolled in CEIP if the university has suspended you.

You must have established a GPA at Virginia Tech before you can be enrolled in CEIP for a work term. (Although academic credits may transfer from another institution, GPA does not.) You may seek a co-op or internship position before establishing your Virginia Tech GPA, but you cannot be enrolled in CEIP for a work term until your Virginia Tech GPA is verified.

International students must request authorization from, and abide by deadlines administered by, the Cranwell International Center before you can apply for co-op or internship positions. Your visa status determines whether or not you are eligible to work in the United States in a co-op or internship capacity.
Be aware that many employers cannot, for legal reasons, hire international students. This is determined by the policies of the employer and is not negotiable.

If you have a "university hold" (see Office of the Registrar) on your account, you must resolve that issue prior to enrollment in CEIP.

  • Enrollment in CEIP is an option for students who meet the eligibility criteria, and whose position meets the job and program details for CEIP.
  • Career and Professional Development does not require any student to be enrolled in CEIP.
  • Employers sometimes require students to be enrolled with their university's co-op program (which is CEIP at Virginia Tech). 
  • It is to students' advantage to enroll in CEIP if any of your work terms are in fall and/or spring semesters so that you maintain student standing while working.

Students who have not been in compliance with CEIP rules and requirements in the past, and/or who have not completed CEIP assignments, and/or who did not achieve an S (Satisfactory) in previous enrollment in CEIP, will not be enrolled in future terms of CEP 3084 or CEP 4084.