Fees for CEIP

Mandatory fees

There is only one mandatory fee for participation in the Undergraduate Cooperative Education and Internship Program [CEIP]:

  • During each work term (fall semester, spring semester and/or summer terms), that you are enrolled in CEP 4084 or CEP 3084, this will appear on your transcript. [The CEIP office will enroll you after you complete required steps.]
  • This does not carry credit hours, but does keep you enrolled in the university.
  • Enrollment in CEIP requires payment of a fee to the university during work terms:
    $75 for fall semester.
    $75 for spring semester.
    $75 for a six-week summer term.
    $75 for a twelve-week summer term.
  • This fee is NOT paid to Career and Professional Development.
  • Due dates for fees are the same as for tuition, and are established by the University Bursar.
    See the Bursar's website for complete information on payment of fees.

The CEIP fee does not cover tuition for academic credit courses:

  • If you choose to enroll in any course for academic credit, including online courses, during a work term, you will be required to pay tuition as charged by the university.

Optional fees:

  • During your work terms, you are NOT automatically billed for any fee other than the mandatory fee explained above. Therefore you do NOT automatically have access to all student services.
  • If you wish to purchase access to other student services during your work terms when you are enrolled in CEIP, you must take initiative to pay the fees for these services, such as:
    • Health Service fee
    • Athletic fee
    • Other fees (student activity, bus, rec sports, etc.)
  • See the University Bursar's website for complete information on payment of fees, and contact that office with any questions about how to pay those fees.